Master the art of Low-Code.

Learn the coding basics you need to supercharge your no-code projects.

Why this course?

Starting with Low-Code is hard.

You'd like to use a bit of code in your work, but don't know where to start?We've experienced this pain ourselves and created this course to help you save hundreds of hours of research and experimentation.The course shows the concepts, tools and tips you need to kickstart your journey as a low-coder.

Use cases

Learn to build these

Build automations on your own without the help of a developer.
Have a use case you'd like us to cover? Submit it and we'll build it

Web scraper

Scrape any website and save records to Airtable

Target audience

Who is this course for?

☑️ No-Code makers

Power up your No-Code products with Low-Code

☑️ Growth hackers

Iterate and experiment faster with code

☑️ Operators

Automate processes without developers


Taught by low-coders

We run 9x, a no-code agency, and regularly use low-code for our work. In this course, we show you the concepts and tricks that took us hours to figure out by ourselves.

Alexandre Kantjas

Co-founder, 9x

Pierre-Yves Garcia

Co-founder, 9x

Course content

What you will learn

JavaScript 101

Learn enough Javascript to be dangerous.

HTML and CSS 101

Never get stuck with HTML and CSS again.

SQL 101

Master the basics of querying tables with SQL

Developer tools

Learn how to use Chrome DevTools and Postman

Work with APIs

Read API doc and make API requests on your own.

Concrete use cases

Custom code, Airtable scripts, and many more...

Course material

A 20-hour track & hundreds of curated resources to go further

  • Explanatory videos walking you through key concepts

  • Ready-to-use cheat sheets for JavaScript, HTML/CSS and SQL

  • Multiple use cases and step-by-step instructions to reproduce them

  • 100+ curated resources to help you go further


Tiny price. Big impact.

Low-Code Starter Pack


(excl. VAT)

All course content
Access to future updates
30 day money-back guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

I have never coded before. Is this course for me?

Yes! No programming skills are required to complete this course. We will teach you the required basics throughout this course.

Do I need a specific setup on my computer?

Most of the content of this course can be applied right away in your browser, without any technical setup.The Airtable exercises require a paid account (Pro or Creator).

What kind of JavaScript am I going to learn?

You will learn to:
- Write "backend" scripts to access and manipulate data
- Call an API using JavaScript and use the data returned in the response
- Write "frontend" scripts allowing your for instance to modify the elements of a webpage based on the results of an API call.

Why not Python, PHP, Ruby or another language?

This course is not about learning a language, it's about learning the basics of "functional" coding. We focus on explaining how computers interact with each-other, how the Internet works and how you can leverage this rather than learning the ins and outs of a specific language.You will learn some basics of coding (which are common to most languages) and some specificities of JavaScript. We like to work with JavaScript because every web browser can run it.It's not about the language, it's about being able to do things you cannot do without coding. For some of these things, you will not learn the best way to do it, you will learn how to do it without having to understand all of it.

Give me some examples of what I'll be able to do after completing the course

Here are some examples of what you will be able to do after completing this course:- You will be able to interact with any SaaS that offers API access even if your automation platform (Integromat, Zapier) does not provide any native integration
- You will know how to write SQL queries to access and manipulate data from a database
- You will know how to tweak a webpage or an email template by modifying the underlying HTML/CSS code
- You will know how to write "functional" JavaScript and run scripts without having to setup a server
- And so much more!

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